27 January 2021


A tough year

What's happened over the past year.

A small beige stripy cat with a purple futuristic helmet that has a cartoony dead face with a quivering smiley mouth. Around them are three objects - a banana peel, a spiral, and a blank file icon with a red 'X' in it.

Last year in January, we announced Parastat and our intention to show more of Parastat over the coming months. And then…outside of posting some progress here and there on our personal social media, we didn’t manage to achieve that. What happened?

In short, we’re still here and still developing, but just much more slowly and more quietly than we expected.

External events

We announced Parastat just a couple of months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe in full force. It’s messed everyone up, us too. We became more busy and preoccupied with things happening elsewhere.

A bit later on in the year, a variety of unexpected negative events happened in some of our personal lives, which forced some of us to greatly reduce the amount of time we work on this project for a good few months.

Some of us have also had computer issues, necessitating upgrades - and for one of us - a lengthy OS migration, which also added to the time that we couldn’t spend working on this project.

Development roadblocks

As we were slowly developing towards our alpha in the summer of 2020, Dzuk made a necessary and important decision to rewrite the style codebase for the frontend from Stylus (a CSS preprocessor) to Elm. This took many months, but it was well worth it and puts our codebase in a much stronger position to continue from.

All in all, these events meant we didn’t have that much to show, and so we stayed quiet on social media. We feel it’s important for us and for you that we show and not tell.

We are very much beginning to see the Alpha build take shape now. In some ways because of how development has happened, it’ll be more refined and sophisticated than you might expect an alpha to be.

It also has a lot of our own work. Most of the thousands of lines of code that have been put towards this have been written by us, with few dependencies coming from elsewhere. We really want to have the right system and design elements that will give you the best experience, and that takes a lot of work.

To avoid disappointment and to make sure we work on Parastat based on what’s healthy for us, we’re not going to put a new timeframe on when we’ll have an alpha and when the codebase will be more public. It’ll be available when we can make it so.

We appreciate all of the interest people have had in this project, and we hope to have another update as soon as we can :)